JNU Controversy: My Take on Media & Mr Kanhaiya Kumar

Mr Kaniah Kumar, accused of sedition, has got bail from Delhi High Court after long police custody and the JNU celebrates it with a victory rally. Now the question is victory from what!!!

Let’s go beyond the actually incident for a bit and let’s focus on something what exactly fuelled this controversy. To me, it’s just the MEDIA which made the issue worse. I am great believer of facts & law. I don’t have much trust in Media to arrive at a conclusion. Because in the media, the coverage has become so much distorted that it’s hard for a common person to find out what exactly happened, how an incident started and how it spread. Media which basically means the Medium of transmission, here of news. Not only in India, but also in US, UK, Latin America suffers from issues due to these not-so-impartial media.

Satellite media, it’s perhaps the widely reached and popular form of media. And see how it behaves. Some media channels run doctored videos to defame people of certain interests. Whatever be the motif behind that, they never regret when the case of tampering comes out with respect to those videos. And on the other hand, some keep bashing the government machinery for such a chaos. The fact is that some journalists are not able to keep their personal opinions, choices separate from their profession. As a matter of result, they try to entrust their personal choices on others. 

Print media, it’s the oldest of all with its own limitations like space constraints, time constraints, full news transmission constraints. Even after so much constraints, I believe the print media is very good job in spreading neutral news among people.

Social media, it’s the invention of the modern age, which was meant to connect people to maintain a social equation beyond reality. And today it stands as the most destructive tool in a country like India. INDIA, Where a small talk on a religion can question your secularism, Where a small comment against the government lead to attack by people of same following, Where fight for reservation can lead to havoc & rape, Where an inter caste marriage can land you in isolation or a victim of honor killing, Where students want freedom from casteism yet they fight for caste based reservations, Where people shouting anti India slogans opine it’s their freedom of expression, Where terrorists are given all the chance to fight in the court of justice, Where it takes more than 10 years to prove a terrorist a terrorist, Where a small personal comment on the current political environment can tag you as a traitor, Where people die without food, Where a farmer commits suicide just being deprived of the long list of government schemes, Where there is no choice of being politically neutral…. It is indeed very hard to be yourself & express your opinion in such a country. Yet again in the same country, which is so much sensitive to religious, caste issues, we bat for different sides without listening to our own heart about what is correct and what’s incorrect. Someone who makes a comment about the PM or his government, he/she gets trolled for weeks. If you tell a good thing about the government scheme, other parties will make you a government sympathizer.

Now the question is, are we common people so mindless that we will override our own ability decide for these shrewd mentality journalists, blindly biased people (note: not all journalists & people, it’s just few with biased voices). India is a place where debate must be put much higher than bullying. It’s we, who at the end of line, to decide what’s correct and what’s incorrect.

I will come back to the original content which I started with. Mr Kanaiah made an historic speech at the JNU yesterday after he was released on bail. It was vividly evident, he is a good leader in making. Perhaps we will see him soon in the Lok Sabha as an elected law maker. I don’t have a small amount of doubt on his credibility. He raised genuine questions before being charged with sedition as well as after coming out on bail. This society in India needs freedom from caste, capitalism, fascism and radical religious ideology. These are very much crucial in going forward for a sustainable mass progress. Though I don’t agree with him on many points, I won’t go into it to make this article look like attacking on him. This is just my belief where Mr Kanaiah Kumar got it totally wrong. There has been no evidences that Mr Kumar shouted anti national slogans, whichever videos came in public domain found to be fake or tampered ones. Hence I believe no innocent must be punished. So I do expect law will take its own course and do proper justice of with him.

As a common citizen of this land, I felt deeply hurt when I heard, some students in JNU raised anti-India slogans. Don’t know about others, I felt grief, anguish in me why n how a person can shout such slogans even if he/she is given all rights of freedom. Don’t know what’s your opinion on those things, but I would like to ask few straight forward questions to Mr Kumar.

a. Now that it has been evident that anti-India, anti-military, Kashmir azaadi, bharat barbaadi slogans were indeed raised inside the JNU campus by some unidentified students, do you think it is correct? Do you think it’s justified with freedom of expression to bash against own country?

b. If your answer to the above questions is NO, then why didn’t you utter a single word about them (who were involved in such sloganeering) in your victory speech on 3rdMarch night after coming out on bail when you reiterated your demands??

c. Do you believe Afjal Guru & Maqbool Bhatt were victims of judicial killings? Does attack on Parliament mean nothing to you?

I just wish this leader becomes a great leader someday who will debate for the society in the parliament houses. I just wish my fear, that this leader will become a leader who will bash the government blindly (like our tradition politicians) doesn’t become true.


JNU Controversy: My Take

What the hell, this is my first reaction when I came across this news. I am feeling so terrible that I imagine whether we are in a good position being in a democratic nation that almost gives us all sort of freedom, or would it have been better, had we been in a disciplined country like Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

Some bunch of ANTI NATIONAL JNU students protested against their own country, they shout murdabad against the land, they praise Afjal Guru who orchestrated & executed the attack on our own Parliament, the heart of our land. They also praise the one who was responsible for 1971 Indian Airlines hijack. Let’s have the exact quote here.


Isn’t it anti national? Agree with this piece of logical article. If ‘Bharat ki barbadi, Pakistan zindabad’ is not anti national, then delete the word from dictionary.

Home Ministry did really good job in directing Delhi Police to act immediately. And the police booked few students as well.

Yet when these culprits are arrested, sadly that was not the end of story, rather a start of political drama. Now we have got a bunch of our so called, good for nothing politicians camping in JNU campus on the following evening to protest against arrest of those students. And some high voltage speeches goes on about Danger to Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Rights, etc. Which means as per these leaders, what those students said should have been avoided considering the fact that we have a freedom of speech!!! Wow that’s pathetic of those fellows. I don’t know about others, at least  my respect for them dipped right away. Woah… we still live in a country where politicians and parities accuse each other to gain a political mileage and get upper hand out of such an issue where integrity and unity of country is questioned. And unfortunately we as voters are very much responsible to select & send many of such people as our leaders.

Even I am of the opinion that all the freedoms, rights should be there in place, but it should not in any way go against the country, the motherland we live. I agree we have a right to dissent, but we don’t go to a limit when we dissent to be an Indian & go against your very own country which has given us numbers of rights.

This is a very serious issue and I wish political parties should stand together against such anti nationalist comments, slogans & activities. Those students must be booked in the charge of sedition and conspiracy against the nation. They must be sentenced hard as well to send a strong message to the community; have freedom of everything, but not in conspiring against our very own land The India & it’s Constitution.

Edit, 22nd Feb: Looks like the issue has been raised with a doctored video. I am putting up an analysis of this doctored video (Courtesy: India Today TV). Hence this article can be considered as an opinion.



Sorry my Blogsphere…

My dear Blogsphere,

I know it hasn’t been a quite good relationship between you & me in recent times. I know you are unhappy of the fact that I am not spending some time with you. I can understand your anguish that you are loosing out to my Diarysphere in terms of winning loyalty from your master. I am also aware of the truth that you are getting noticed lesser these days with very few posts in your hand.

You need to understand the irony here. You came to my world much much later than your friend-turned-foe Diarysphere. I wouldn’t say foe actually, he will be like your brother. He was with me when I was struggling with my life, he was there when I got diverted from many ways, he was there when I took array of wrong decisions, he was there when I chose something against my wish, he was there when I lost many things, he was also there when I lost many ones. Probably that might be the reason, he became a companion to your alltime-dreamer but never-hardworking master. So there is more of some inexpressible reason to this attachment. I penned down many of my stories with him.

But to connect with the world, you are a strong medium. You came in the age of internet, when everybody thrives to reach a maximum number of audience through you. You are faster, you are dynamic, you have more inbuilt features. You have become part of many Gen-Y & Z youngsters lives. I am happy for you that you and your friends Blogspot, Tumblr are also doing great in spreading ideas, innovations to a broader audience.  However, you should also understand, there should be a clear wall for a view/idea/opinion/subject which needs to be shared with all and which not.

However, don’t worry about your master, never think that I am giving someone more priority over someone. It’s just a matter of time. A day will come, when you will be left with no time to take rest. You will be shared across all over Twitter, Google+. Just get that, It’s just matter of time.

An Annual Day Celebrations of a School

Recently while returning from my workplace on a hot evening, after a hectic schedule, witnessed a huge gathering in my vicinity. Though my bed was calling me badly, still thought of paying a visit. Without giving a second thought, headed to check what it was for.

Certainly the next half an hour was totally blissful thanks to some incredible series of things or events you say. Obviously it was a rare occasion in last couple of years, when I had a chair in a gathering, that too in Hyderabad.

Once I was into that place, I found it to be an annual day celebrations of a school located just next to my apartment. Just to brief about the school, this school apparently has classes upto 7th, a regular building housing the school like most of typical institutions in Hyderabad, established somewhat in 1986 as per the signboard.

Coming to the celebrations part. A stage at front having a clear view from rear, few rows of plastic chairs, well lighted place, flowers arranged on bamboo structures in between. The set up was good, so was the crowd. Many people eagerly staring at the stage, mostly some impatient parents waiting for a glance of their children from the stage or might be relatives or might be simply some onlookers like me.

The event was already started by the time I reached. Some introductory speech from the guests was in progress. Oh Yess.. Oh Nooo.. It was in Telugu.. Atleast my 2+ year stay has made me capable enough to get something. Certainly those inspiring speeches about those kids being the future of nation and responsibilities towards society never becomes old. Perhaps 10-12 years back, I was a student being addressed with such valuable words. And yes I feel school life of a person becomes the best guide in the forthcoming life. The values, the ideals we are taking out of school is what matters most. For a moment,couldn’t control the emotions thinking of my school days. Life was so innocent, there was no complexity in life, a small pocket money was the last thing I wanted. What more I could have asked from life at that point of time. Certainly School is a place where our ethics are built and nature is polished. It was good to know about this school (where I was sitting) doing very good job for last 20 odd years. Yes, indeed, no matter how small a school is, it stands tall in society making. Perhaps the people took the words from speaker too seriously that, a loud clap went around, thus bringing me to the present.

Probably I gave a miss to some part of speech while I was in thoughts of my school days. Anyways good to see some cultural program getting underway. Some excellent singing from talented small kids, some good dance including barbie doll dance. All these were perfect recipe for a beautiful celebrations.

And that’s it. Back on my way. Certainly it was a great evening with those small beautiful kids. Thanks Arunodaya Public School for a cheerful evening. Keep doing good job.

And specially I am grateful to my office people for not allocating any work today, due to which this post has been possible.

~Jai Jagannath

Proverbs, that will change the life…

The one excellent thing that can be learned from a lion is that whatever a man intends doing should be done by him with a whole-hearted and strenuous effort.
– Chanakya

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.
-Theodore Roosevelt

The best revenge is massive success.
–Frank Sinatra Ashe

As a child of God, I am greater than anything that can happen to me.
-A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
-English Proverb

It is never too late to be what you might have been.
–George Eliot

Winners never quit and quitters never win.
-Vince Lombardi

When we take one step towards God, he takes seven steps towards us.
– Indian Proverb

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.
– Albert Einstein

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
– Confucius

It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.  
– Zig Ziglar

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
-Batman Novel

No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or inthe world to come.
-The Bhagavad Gita

A worried Soul

Life doesn’t seem to be that much happening/interesting anymore like it used to be few years back. Feels like all the instruments of life has been lost behind the hectic day-to-day schedule. Working life might have offered self dependency, still it has stolen something in return as well.

Been misled by all at many points of life. When I was small, heard lot of times that 10th & 12th are important gateways, graduation is very vital. Thought, will enjoy the world once I am into a job. I will be having money, I would go for scuba drive, ride Himalayas, go for trekking, go to heaven (if possible) & so on..

Hell Yeah… Thanks to the corporate life I am witnessing, all my thoughts are gradually leaving me. Its like I have sold myself to my Multi-national desi employer & it owns me now. My decisions are not limited to me anymore, I have many controlling me.

Now I am wondering, had I had a Time Machine like Shaktiman. I just want to go to those days which I am now missing. When I am looking back, I can realize those old days are so much satisfying, that I dont have words to put it on paper. Had bunch of friends, heavy political discussions, sports discussions. There was no tension in life, complete innocence was there in it. Now everyone is busy in their own life.

Anyways past is past. Must do something to bring myself & my life back on track.


ODIA- The Latest Classical Language

20th February 2014, Govt of India issued public notification Classifying Odia as classical language officially approving the wishes of 4.2 Crore people of Odisha . Finally it puts an end to the long term continuous demand from the state. Now after Odissi dance, its another milestone in field of language.

Here is the official notification.

As an Odia, Its a moment to cherish for lifetime. An Odia people should have every reason to celebrate. All my hardworks, I put in my schooldays, I feel more proud of it. Even though Odia hasn’t been the most favorite language of mine in schooldays, I feel proud that I was an Odia medium govt school student. Awarding Odia Classical status has no impact on me. I used to have the same respect n love for it when it didn’t have this TAG also.

Indirectly, Officially now it has been approved that Odia is the language with more than 1500 years of history which is having records.

Few highlights behind the Classical Tag:

1. 6th language to join the elite league. Others are Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam.
2. 1st language from Indo-Aryan linguistic group to get classical status.
3. Now Odisha will get financial assistance for setting up a centre of excellence for the study of Odia language.
4. Now on special request to UGC, study & research on Odia can be started in central universities irrespective of state.
5. Odisha govt will receive a one-time grant of Rs 100 crore for research and development of Odia & subsequently,Rs 5 crore every year.

My series of tweets regarding this.

Hope this enhancement will put an added interest to the people to learn Odia,know its history and contribute towards its development.

This should be an occasion for the Odisha government to boost itself up and put its best to promote Odia in a large scale. I would suggest few things here.

1. Odia language should be made compulsory in all schools in the state irrespective of medium/board of school.
2. Should promote research in Odia language extensively.
3. All signboards, hoardings, commercial shops/establishments, government offices should have odia version also.
4. Finally, most importantly all official communications in govt level should be in Odia.

Apart from this, we also cant deny public coordination in this prospect. We need to show our love & respect towards our mother tongue. Because its history is golden, it is what we express and it will be what we make it. Its not a shame, rather we should be proud to put forward our Odia-ness everywhere. In this regard,need to learn a lot from Bengalis, Telugus, Tamils.

Expecting a positiveness out of this, Waiting for another good news, Classical status to Odia music….

Finally concluding..

Vande Utkal Janani