JNU Controversy: My Take on Media & Mr Kanhaiya Kumar

Mr Kaniah Kumar, accused of sedition, has got bail from Delhi High Court after long police custody and the JNU celebrates it with a victory rally. Now the question is victory from what!!!

Let’s go beyond the actually incident for a bit and let’s focus on something what exactly fuelled this controversy. To me, it’s just the MEDIA which made the issue worse. I am great believer of facts & law. I don’t have much trust in Media to arrive at a conclusion. Because in the media, the coverage has become so much distorted that it’s hard for a common person to find out what exactly happened, how an incident started and how it spread. Media which basically means the Medium of transmission, here of news. Not only in India, but also in US, UK, Latin America suffers from issues due to these not-so-impartial media.

Satellite media, it’s perhaps the widely reached and popular form of media. And see how it behaves. Some media channels run doctored videos to defame people of certain interests. Whatever be the motif behind that, they never regret when the case of tampering comes out with respect to those videos. And on the other hand, some keep bashing the government machinery for such a chaos. The fact is that some journalists are not able to keep their personal opinions, choices separate from their profession. As a matter of result, they try to entrust their personal choices on others. 

Print media, it’s the oldest of all with its own limitations like space constraints, time constraints, full news transmission constraints. Even after so much constraints, I believe the print media is very good job in spreading neutral news among people.

Social media, it’s the invention of the modern age, which was meant to connect people to maintain a social equation beyond reality. And today it stands as the most destructive tool in a country like India. INDIA, Where a small talk on a religion can question your secularism, Where a small comment against the government lead to attack by people of same following, Where fight for reservation can lead to havoc & rape, Where an inter caste marriage can land you in isolation or a victim of honor killing, Where students want freedom from casteism yet they fight for caste based reservations, Where people shouting anti India slogans opine it’s their freedom of expression, Where terrorists are given all the chance to fight in the court of justice, Where it takes more than 10 years to prove a terrorist a terrorist, Where a small personal comment on the current political environment can tag you as a traitor, Where people die without food, Where a farmer commits suicide just being deprived of the long list of government schemes, Where there is no choice of being politically neutral…. It is indeed very hard to be yourself & express your opinion in such a country. Yet again in the same country, which is so much sensitive to religious, caste issues, we bat for different sides without listening to our own heart about what is correct and what’s incorrect. Someone who makes a comment about the PM or his government, he/she gets trolled for weeks. If you tell a good thing about the government scheme, other parties will make you a government sympathizer.

Now the question is, are we common people so mindless that we will override our own ability decide for these shrewd mentality journalists, blindly biased people (note: not all journalists & people, it’s just few with biased voices). India is a place where debate must be put much higher than bullying. It’s we, who at the end of line, to decide what’s correct and what’s incorrect.

I will come back to the original content which I started with. Mr Kanaiah made an historic speech at the JNU yesterday after he was released on bail. It was vividly evident, he is a good leader in making. Perhaps we will see him soon in the Lok Sabha as an elected law maker. I don’t have a small amount of doubt on his credibility. He raised genuine questions before being charged with sedition as well as after coming out on bail. This society in India needs freedom from caste, capitalism, fascism and radical religious ideology. These are very much crucial in going forward for a sustainable mass progress. Though I don’t agree with him on many points, I won’t go into it to make this article look like attacking on him. This is just my belief where Mr Kanaiah Kumar got it totally wrong. There has been no evidences that Mr Kumar shouted anti national slogans, whichever videos came in public domain found to be fake or tampered ones. Hence I believe no innocent must be punished. So I do expect law will take its own course and do proper justice of with him.

As a common citizen of this land, I felt deeply hurt when I heard, some students in JNU raised anti-India slogans. Don’t know about others, I felt grief, anguish in me why n how a person can shout such slogans even if he/she is given all rights of freedom. Don’t know what’s your opinion on those things, but I would like to ask few straight forward questions to Mr Kumar.

a. Now that it has been evident that anti-India, anti-military, Kashmir azaadi, bharat barbaadi slogans were indeed raised inside the JNU campus by some unidentified students, do you think it is correct? Do you think it’s justified with freedom of expression to bash against own country?

b. If your answer to the above questions is NO, then why didn’t you utter a single word about them (who were involved in such sloganeering) in your victory speech on 3rdMarch night after coming out on bail when you reiterated your demands??

c. Do you believe Afjal Guru & Maqbool Bhatt were victims of judicial killings? Does attack on Parliament mean nothing to you?

I just wish this leader becomes a great leader someday who will debate for the society in the parliament houses. I just wish my fear, that this leader will become a leader who will bash the government blindly (like our tradition politicians) doesn’t become true.