JNU Controversy: My Take

What the hell, this is my first reaction when I came across this news. I am feeling so terrible that I imagine whether we are in a good position being in a democratic nation that almost gives us all sort of freedom, or would it have been better, had we been in a disciplined country like Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

Some bunch of ANTI NATIONAL JNU students protested against their own country, they shout murdabad against the land, they praise Afjal Guru who orchestrated & executed the attack on our own Parliament, the heart of our land. They also praise the one who was responsible for 1971 Indian Airlines hijack. Let’s have the exact quote here.


Isn’t it anti national? Agree with this piece of logical article. If ‘Bharat ki barbadi, Pakistan zindabad’ is not anti national, then delete the word from dictionary.

Home Ministry did really good job in directing Delhi Police to act immediately. And the police booked few students as well.

Yet when these culprits are arrested, sadly that was not the end of story, rather a start of political drama. Now we have got a bunch of our so called, good for nothing politicians camping in JNU campus on the following evening to protest against arrest of those students. And some high voltage speeches goes on about Danger to Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Rights, etc. Which means as per these leaders, what those students said should have been avoided considering the fact that we have a freedom of speech!!! Wow that’s pathetic of those fellows. I don’t know about others, at least  my respect for them dipped right away. Woah… we still live in a country where politicians and parities accuse each other to gain a political mileage and get upper hand out of such an issue where integrity and unity of country is questioned. And unfortunately we as voters are very much responsible to select & send many of such people as our leaders.

Even I am of the opinion that all the freedoms, rights should be there in place, but it should not in any way go against the country, the motherland we live. I agree we have a right to dissent, but we don’t go to a limit when we dissent to be an Indian & go against your very own country which has given us numbers of rights.

This is a very serious issue and I wish political parties should stand together against such anti nationalist comments, slogans & activities. Those students must be booked in the charge of sedition and conspiracy against the nation. They must be sentenced hard as well to send a strong message to the community; have freedom of everything, but not in conspiring against our very own land The India & it’s Constitution.

Edit, 22nd Feb: Looks like the issue has been raised with a doctored video. I am putting up an analysis of this doctored video (Courtesy: India Today TV). Hence this article can be considered as an opinion.




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