An Annual Day Celebrations of a School

Recently while returning from my workplace on a hot evening, after a hectic schedule, witnessed a huge gathering in my vicinity. Though my bed was calling me badly, still thought of paying a visit. Without giving a second thought, headed to check what it was for.

Certainly the next half an hour was totally blissful thanks to some incredible series of things or events you say. Obviously it was a rare occasion in last couple of years, when I had a chair in a gathering, that too in Hyderabad.

Once I was into that place, I found it to be an annual day celebrations of a school located just next to my apartment. Just to brief about the school, this school apparently has classes upto 7th, a regular building housing the school like most of typical institutions in Hyderabad, established somewhat in 1986 as per the signboard.

Coming to the celebrations part. A stage at front having a clear view from rear, few rows of plastic chairs, well lighted place, flowers arranged on bamboo structures in between. The set up was good, so was the crowd. Many people eagerly staring at the stage, mostly some impatient parents waiting for a glance of their children from the stage or might be relatives or might be simply some onlookers like me.

The event was already started by the time I reached. Some introductory speech from the guests was in progress. Oh Yess.. Oh Nooo.. It was in Telugu.. Atleast my 2+ year stay has made me capable enough to get something. Certainly those inspiring speeches about those kids being the future of nation and responsibilities towards society never becomes old. Perhaps 10-12 years back, I was a student being addressed with such valuable words. And yes I feel school life of a person becomes the best guide in the forthcoming life. The values, the ideals we are taking out of school is what matters most. For a moment,couldn’t control the emotions thinking of my school days. Life was so innocent, there was no complexity in life, a small pocket money was the last thing I wanted. What more I could have asked from life at that point of time. Certainly School is a place where our ethics are built and nature is polished. It was good to know about this school (where I was sitting) doing very good job for last 20 odd years. Yes, indeed, no matter how small a school is, it stands tall in society making. Perhaps the people took the words from speaker too seriously that, a loud clap went around, thus bringing me to the present.

Probably I gave a miss to some part of speech while I was in thoughts of my school days. Anyways good to see some cultural program getting underway. Some excellent singing from talented small kids, some good dance including barbie doll dance. All these were perfect recipe for a beautiful celebrations.

And that’s it. Back on my way. Certainly it was a great evening with those small beautiful kids. Thanks Arunodaya Public School for a cheerful evening. Keep doing good job.

And specially I am grateful to my office people for not allocating any work today, due to which this post has been possible.

~Jai Jagannath