Sorry my Blogsphere…

My dear Blogsphere,

I know it hasn’t been a quite good relationship between you & me in recent times. I know you are unhappy of the fact that I am not spending some time with you. I can understand your anguish that you are loosing out to my Diarysphere in terms of winning loyalty from your master. I am also aware of the truth that you are getting noticed lesser these days with very few posts in your hand.

You need to understand the irony here. You came to my world much much later than your friend-turned-foe Diarysphere. I wouldn’t say foe actually, he will be like your brother. He was with me when I was struggling with my life, he was there when I got diverted from many ways, he was there when I took array of wrong decisions, he was there when I chose something against my wish, he was there when I lost many things, he was also there when I lost many ones. Probably that might be the reason, he became a companion to your alltime-dreamer but never-hardworking master. So there is more of some inexpressible reason to this attachment. I penned down many of my stories with him.

But to connect with the world, you are a strong medium. You came in the age of internet, when everybody thrives to reach a maximum number of audience through you. You are faster, you are dynamic, you have more inbuilt features. You have become part of many Gen-Y & Z youngsters lives. I am happy for you that you and your friends Blogspot, Tumblr are also doing great in spreading ideas, innovations to a broader audience.  However, you should also understand, there should be a clear wall for a view/idea/opinion/subject which needs to be shared with all and which not.

However, don’t worry about your master, never think that I am giving someone more priority over someone. It’s just a matter of time. A day will come, when you will be left with no time to take rest. You will be shared across all over Twitter, Google+. Just get that, It’s just matter of time.