A worried Soul

Life doesn’t seem to be that much happening/interesting anymore like it used to be few years back. Feels like all the instruments of life has been lost behind the hectic day-to-day schedule. Working life might have offered self dependency, still it has stolen something in return as well.

Been misled by all at many points of life. When I was small, heard lot of times that 10th & 12th are important gateways, graduation is very vital. Thought, will enjoy the world once I am into a job. I will be having money, I would go for scuba drive, ride Himalayas, go for trekking, go to heaven (if possible) & so on..

Hell Yeah… Thanks to the corporate life I am witnessing, all my thoughts are gradually leaving me. Its like I have sold myself to my Multi-national desi employer & it owns me now. My decisions are not limited to me anymore, I have many controlling me.

Now I am wondering, had I had a Time Machine like Shaktiman. I just want to go to those days which I am now missing. When I am looking back, I can realize those old days are so much satisfying, that I dont have words to put it on paper. Had bunch of friends, heavy political discussions, sports discussions. There was no tension in life, complete innocence was there in it. Now everyone is busy in their own life.

Anyways past is past. Must do something to bring myself & my life back on track.